Associate Pastor Application

Associate Pastor Job Description

Newton Bible Church of Newton, KS, is seeking a pastoral staff member to fill a vacant Associate Pastor position. The position will be a full-time position. While we do have several areas of need within our church which we desire this Associate Pastor to oversee, we do desire for his main area of focus to be music ministry. We are willing to tailor the other responsibilities of the position to the person we discern to be the best fit for our church as long as music ministry is a strength. As a pastoral position we desire for this man to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. This will require a shepherd’s heart and a strong desire to disciple people in every available way. Some of the areas of greatest need in our body are music ministry, young families, visitor follow up, evangelism, discipleship, and counseling. We do not desire to hire someone to do all of these things, but we long to find a man who can equip God’s people to labor in these areas of church ministry.General


  • Agrees with our Doctrinal Statement and Philosophy of Ministry
  • Is Committed to shared responsibility and mutual accountability within a plurality of elders
  • Has theological education, pastoral ministry training, and pastoral experience
  • Desires to stay at Newton Bible Church for as long as the Lord allows


  • Has general pastoral experience, preferably in a full-time paid pastoral position
  • Has experience discipling individually, in small groups, and in the context of ministry
  • Has experience planning and leading worship services

Ministry responsibilities (tailored to individual’s experience, skill, & gifting):

  • Oversee Music Ministry (service planning; organizing accompaniment groups; organizing special music; planning for & leading choir for special times; etc.)
  • Organize Visitation (visitors & member care)
  • Develop Discipleship plan (one to one; small groups; training)
  • Develop Evangelism (training, providing opportunities for evangelism)
  • Preach & Teach (Sunday evenings, Sunday School, etc.)